Panel: What if all vehicles were electric?



Electric vehicle sales currently represent just 2% of the global market, but penetration rates are gathering pace. With annual growth surpassing 50% in many of the world’s largest markets, it’s time to prepare for an all-electric future.

  • When could we see 100% electric vehicle adoption and how would this impact the environment?
  • Is the infrastructure in place to facilitate mass deployment of electric vehicles?
  • Can the battery industry keep up with electric vehicle demand?
  • What can cities and governments do to support the transition from ICE to electric vehicles?
  • How will mass deployment of electric vehicles impact the petrochemical industry?

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Panel: How safe is the autonomous vehicle?

Keynote & Moderator:


Around 1.2 million people are lost each year in road traffic accidents and more than 90% of these fatalities are caused by human error. Autonomous vehicles are often touted as a remedy, but recent high-profile accidents have cast a shadow over their future.

  • What is the current status of autonomous vehicle safety?
  • Do consumers trust autonomous vehicles?
  • Should autonomous vehicles be tested to perfection before being deployed on a mass scale?
  • What role should policymakers play in the evolution of autonomous vehicle safety?
  • How is the insurance industry preparing for mass deployment of autonomous vehicles?

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